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Thoughts on Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ (2015)

Honestly, I didn’t know what I was expecting when I went to watch this movie. It’s been hella long since I last watched Dragon Ball as a kid, but it was sure refreshing to once again meet those characters I used to adore back then (Kuririn is so damn cute!!). I guess I had no expectation whatsoever when I entered the cinema and I was right to do so.

The storyline is (very) straight to the point without effort to add twists or a more developed plot. Through the power of Shen Long, Frieza is resurrected and he is back to seek revenge on Goku and the rest of the world. The movie feels like it was just made merely to bring Dragon Ball to the big screen, with no intention to wow the audience with something new or exciting ideas. There are fight scenes, interluded by cheesy dialogues and weak attempts on humor. Non-fans won’t find this movie to be anything worth watching at the cinema, while long time die hard fans of DBZ will just appreciate the fight scenes. But at the end of the movie, we don’t get any feeling of accomplishment (the movie also ends quite awkwardly for my taste) at all. It felt like I was just there to see my childhood hero again on the big screen, nothing more.

In conclusion, I won’t recommend it to non-fans. To DBZ fans, I’d say don’t expect anything new or exciting. Just be there to see Goku and Frieza fight in all the glory of the big screen and the surround sound system.


  • Fight scenes
  • Reminiscent of childhood hero
  • Goku is still adorable as ever (and Kuririn!) but I find that my favorite character in this movie is actually Jaco the Galaxy Patrol!



  • Cheesy dialogues
  • Humor is not working for me
  • Storyline is (extremely) lacking

Thoughts on It Follows (2014)

It Follows adalah film psychological horror dengan ide cerita yang lumayan unik. Dalam film ini, dikisahkan seorang gadis bernama Jamie yang diikuti oleh iblis yang hendak merenggut nyawanya, setelah ia melakukan hubungan seks dengan kekasihnya, Hugh. Hugh pun kemudian mengaku pada Jamie bahwa ia telah mewariskan iblis tersebut kepada Jamie ketika mereka berhubungan seks, dan memperingatkan Jamie agar ia jangan sampai tertangkap, atau iblis tersebut akan kembali mengejar Hugh, dan begitu seterusnya sampai ke pewaris pertama. Iblis tersebut dapat menggunakan wujud siapa saja, baik orang-orang yang dikenal Jamie maupun orang yang sama sekali asing. Hanya orang yang pernah diikuti oleh iblis ini yang dapat melihat penampakannya. Hugh memberi tahu Jamie bahwa ia akan mengetahui keberadaan iblis tersebut apabila ia melihat penampakan seseorang yang berjalan dengan perlahan namun pasti ke arahnya. Iblis ini bisa tiba-tiba muncul di mana saja, sehingga Hugh menyarankan agar Jamie jangan berada di tempat yang hanya memiliki satu jalan keluar. Mengutip kata-kata Hugh, “Iblis ini memang lamban, tapi tidak bodoh.”

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Thoughts on Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation (2015)


Villain cool as fck, Sean Harris you rock!

No romanticizing female protagonist, strong female character

Hillarious moments with Benji, as always



Un-exciting action scenes

Un-exciting storyline

Tom Cruise’s acting somehow feels bad, boring, etc


In conclusion, my honest thought is Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation falls short of expectation. Ghost Protocol was a much better movie with better action scenes and plot. I kinda dislike Tom’s acting in Rogue Nation too, somehow I think he’s trying too hard on some scenes and just plain bad on some other.

But, Rogue Nation is still an enjoyable flick. Totally recommended for MI franchise fans and action movies lover in general.

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